Monday, May 10, 2010

NEW watercolour range

art spectrum art prism watercolours
Art Spectrum Art Prism Watercolours offer artists a quality yet straightforward and uncomplicated range of colours at a uniformly low price. Manufactured in the classic tradition on a granite triple mill, these colours are made to the highest standards and are all artist quality. Art Prism Watercolours do not however, contain the more expensive traditional pigments. Instead, modern, lightfast, non-toxic and lower cost pigments have been chosen. Our testing has led us to believe that Art Prism colours compare favourably with many competitive ‘Professional Artist Quality’ brands.

The range of thirty colours provides a balanced palette capable of producing almost unlimited clean colour mixes. Art Prism Watercolours are completely compatible with Art Spectrum Professional Quality Watercolours, and it is an easy progression to expand into the full range of beautiful traditional colours.

Art Prism Watercolours are proudly made in Australia

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