Monday, July 5, 2010

replacements for 'fugitive' colours - watercolour

permanent crimson alizarin hue
The Art Spectrum watercolour range consists largely of beautiful traditional pigments, but we have also included lightfast, permanent replacements for fugitive colours such as Alizarin Crimson - now called 'Permanent Crimson, Alizarin Hue'. ('Fugitive' colours may look fine at first, but will gradually fade to dullness over time).

Here's a small extract from Pip Seymour's review of Art Spectrum colours, where he discusses these 'hues' (from the English magazine The Artist).

'We often dismiss this pigment group simply because they are modern and "synthetic". However, I would urge you to think again, especially when working with the Art Spectrum watercolours. I found that I could make all the colour mixing and dilutions into subtle washes required but noticed that the colour strength is superior and the colour brilliance exceptional. Their Rose Madder (permanent hue) has the same soft edge as the traditional pigment, but as a paint it seems to carry the colour a long, long way, making large scale washes with minimal paint. The fact that their version of Rose Madder is durable and lightfast is another plus and a significant improvement to natural rose madder pigment. In a similar fashion, Art Spectrum have provided a permanent replacement for Alizarin Crimson, the bete noir of watercolour painters! The whole range begs exploration ...'

P. Seymour (author of The Artist's Handbook)

Please see our watercolour page at for details on the lightfastness and permanence ratings of our watercolour range. Please note that improved (formerly fugitive) colours are all clearly marked with the term 'hue'.
Happy painting!

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