Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Create your own Colourfix Paper background shades

Did you know you can create your own pastel background colour by using Colourfix Primer?

Simply apply the Colourfix Primer of your choice to paper (300gsm or heavier) or canvas, board, timber ... (there is a whole range of clean, dry surfaces this primer will adhere to). Each colour in the standard Colourfix range is available (as well as a clear, extra-textured 'Supertooth'), but you can also mix them together or tint them with Art Spectrum Gouache or Artists' Ink to make your own customised Colourfix paper.

The primer can also restore your original background colour during, or at the end of, the painting process. For example, see Donna's tips on using Colourfix Primer to correct errors:

So now you can make your own coloured pastel paper, perfectly matched to your palette!

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