Thursday, July 22, 2010

NEW! Colourfix Suede

A new, softer version of Colourfix paper. Like the orginal Colourfix, Colourfix Suede is an archival quality surface suitable for use with pastels, charcoal, pencils, inks, acrylics, gouache and watercolours. Silverpoint artists might also like to experiment with white Colourfix Suede.

The paper's surface is less abrasive than regular Colourfix but is still able to hold multiple layers of pastel with its softer tooth. The base paper is a 500gsm hot press watercolour paper that provides a rigid support for painting.

Available in 8 colours and two sizes: White Suede, Black Suede, Jacaranda, Kangaroo Grey, Brown Paper Bag, Tasman Sky, Kalangadoo and Outback Blush. Assorted packs also available. Sizes: 19" x 27" and 14" by 18".


Colleen Brown said...

Looks great but I haven't been able to buy it anywhere yet?? Suggestions welcome..0lly2830lly283

Jan said...

Wow! How exciting! Do you know when it will be available and if it will be available in the US soon?

I can't seem to find out much about it.

Art Spectrum Art Supplies said...

We certainly hope you enjoy it!
Colourfix Suede is so freshly launched it may take a little while for it to hit the shops. Our American distributor is Armadillo Art and Craft and they will have the best idea of your nearest retailer. Their email is: A full list of our distributors and their details can be found at:

Bette said...

I have just completed a silverpoint portrait on white Colourfix Suede.....Awesome! Can't wait for the tarnishing to start

Bette said...

Great prices and friendly efficient service from

Art Spectrum Art Supplies said...

We'd love to hear how the silverpoint went!

Sue Clinker said...

Where can I buy Colourfix Suede in the UK to try. Current favourite pastel surface is Fisher 400, current favourite cps surface is Pastelmat so I'm very keen to find whether this 'bridges the gap'

Art Spectrum Art Supplies said...

Dear Sue,
I recommend you contact our UK distributor to find your nearest retail outlet:
West Design
Phone: + 44 0130 329 7888

james said...

I've just called the number you supplied for your UK distibutor (thanks for that)and they said that you had a supply problem. Considering this was the same as the US prospective customers reported last year is there any future in waiting?

Art Spectrum Art Supplies said...

Dear James,
apologies for the delay in replying - we are ready with supply but are currently in talks with our UK distributors. We hope to be able to bring you Suede in the UK as soon as possible. We could provide some suggestions for suppliers in the mean time if you contact us at:
Again, so sorry for the delay. We can't wait to share Suede with everyone.
Best wishes,
the Art Spectrum team.