Monday, November 22, 2010

guide to Art Spectrum pastel sets part one of three!

Complimenting our Colourfix papers (and vice versa) is the Art Spectrum pastel range. Every pastel in our range is available individually but we also have a useful series of pastel sets - wonderful as a Christmas gift for the keen pastellist (or simply as a gift to yourself!).

6ix Packs - sets of six related colours: 'Lightest Lights', 'Fiery Warms', 'Red Wine 'n' Roses', 'Blues 'n' Violets', 'Moody Blues', 'Winter Greens', 'Summer Greens', 'Autumn Earths', 'Rich Earths', 'Stone Tones', 'Darkest Darks', 'Extra Soft Cool Tints', 'Extra Soft Warm Tints' and 'Black, White and Between' (excellent for life drawing).

Boxed Sets of 12: set of 12 'Life Drawing' (a wonderful life drawing set including white, black, greys and some earths - pictured below - someone's been using this set!) or a set of 12 'Grey Tonal' (a range of cool and warm greys, plus black and white).

Boxed Sets of 15: 'Assorted' (a great range of colours to start with), 'Landscape' (a lovely range of violets, blues, greens, earths and red and grey), 'Portrait' and 'Darks'.

Next post: Sets of 30, 60 and 120. And later: our wonderful Deluxe Pastel Set.

Please note that individual colours in sets may change due to availability.

If you are interested in any of these sets, please contact your nearest retail stockist of Art Spectrum products. You can find your nearest stockist by speaking to the distributor for your country or state.
Our full pastel colour chart is provided here. You can also find a list of our pastel pigments here.

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