Wednesday, November 24, 2010

guide to Art Spectrum pastel sets part two of three!

We have so many sets we've had to break them up. Please click on images to see photos full-size. The site has decided to be extra colourful and put this text in blue ... 

Of course, many artists prefer to make up their own collections of colours, but if you are not sure where to start, or would like the convenience of a lovely range of colours already selected for you, you will really enjoy these sets.

Sets of thirty pastels: 'Assorted', 'Darks' (a collection of our darkest colours - N's and D's with some vibrant P's amongst them - please see link to our pastel page for tint names), 'Flowers' (as vibrant as you would expect), 'Landscape', 'Portrait' and 'Seascape' (a lovely seascape set, dominated by blues and greens, while not forgetting some very useful sand colours).

Set of thirty Jumbo pastels: An assorted set of our large, studio pastels (below). Popular with those who really churn through their pastels in the studio - but also for very discerning street artists.

Set of sixty in a wooden box (increasingly luxurious).

Set of 120 in a wooden box - an absolutely beautiful colour range (surpassed only by our Deluxe set - but that's for the next post).

If you are interested in any of these sets, please contact your nearest retail stockist of Art Spectrum products. You can find your nearest stockist by speaking to the distributor for your country or state.

Our full pastel colour chart is provided here. You can also find a list of our pastel pigments here.
Please note that individual colours in sets may change due to availability.

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